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In the end of summer of 2020, we have gathered many enthusiastic volunteers from four corporations consisting of Liteon Technology, Advantech, Compal, and Poseidon industry to start a beach clean-up event.
The problem with wastes not only give people on land headaches, also pollute our ocean and endanger birds and sea animals. Not only ocean wastes have negative impacts on environment, plastic wastes and micro plastics also a fatal effect to our human health, local tourism and even a greater scale to climate change.
There are more than tens of thousands beach cleaning events in Taiwan every year, but this one is quite different from the ones before. This is a corporate-planned beach clean-up event that emphasized on actual implementation of circular economy.
There were 320 volunteers that joined the event, and we have cleaned up roughly 1075 KG of ocean wastes. About 80% of the collected debris were very difficult to recycle, but because of Poseidon industry with their refined pyrolysis technology, we were able to significantly increase our recycle rate of the ocean wastes.

This joint beach cleaning operation also incorporated SEA HOPE music event, to show that by our volunteers’ hands, we can restore the colorful ocean to its original glory, make people appreciate the ocean for what it was before it was polluted. The SEA HOPE music event have comprised of music clubs from different corporations, and also Taiwan’s aboriginal’s traditional music and dances. All of the participants were immersed in the beauties of Taiwan’s multiculturalism.
Promoted by Taiwanese government’s maritime policy of encouraging people to know the sea, be close to the sea, be within the sea, and clean the sea, as a result we have increased our respect to the ocean by attending this event.

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