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Lin urges people to work together to overcome the problem of plastic waste.

“If you take a step back to look at the whole picture, it’s not just your house, your neighbourhood, your city, or your country. We’re talking about this whole world!” he says.

Lin feels happy that more and more people are joining forces to help save the earth. People around him have all started to be more waste-conscious. They give Lin’s company plastic waste from their homes and offices, just like what Lin does for his own family.

Hoping his company can increase the plastic recycling rate in the coming 50 years, he vows to continue working in the recycling industry to make that happen.

“(The moment) I made a decision to join this company, I made a decision to make this company my entire career. This could be a career for life,” he says.

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We Don't Recycle Plastic, We TERMINATE Them.